Rec-Turf FP (Full Pour)

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Its high abrasion resistance makes Rec-Turf’s FP (Full Pour) system is the perfect synthetic surface for modern athletics venues with running and run-up tracks primarily used for international elite sports. Rec-Turf’s FP system is composed of granules with visible tips that are interspersed, making it effectively resistant to spikes.

High Performance Surface For Stadium Running Tracks

A full 3 layer polyurethane system laid insitu on a prepared asphalt base.

This system conforms to the latest IAAF specifications and is designed for longevity with the minimum of maintenance requirements and has excellent performance characteristics even under extremes of climate and temperature.

The Rec-Turf FP system promotes high standards of performance from the athletes and is designed and formulated to be biomechanically “user friendly”, thereby reducing the risk of injuries to athletes.

The uniform foot feel and comfort is due to the multi-layered full polyurethane and rubber system which is laid insitu on site, and results in a flexible and resilient homogeneous surface.


The granular textured finish provides a slip resistant surface which also allows for the quick and efficient dissipation of surface water permitting the athletes to perform to the highest levels despite wet and inclement weather conditions.

Due to the nature of the materials used and the method of construction of the system, the resilience and elasticity reduces impact noise and provides “user comfort”.

The Rec-Turf FP system comprises of ultra-violet light and aging resistant materials which increase the longevity and overall performance characteristics of the running track.

Areas of Use

  • Stadiums
  • International Events
  • Elite-level Competition
  • College & University


  • Type: Multi-layer, poured in-situ surface
  • Water permeable: No
  • Thickness: 13 mm minimum
  • Colours: Red, green and special colours
  • Surface: Granules with visible tips interspersed, ideally suited to spikes

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