Nexxfield Portable Turf Panel System

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The XGen E2 System from Nexxfield is the most innovative concept to enter the synthetic turf market in the last decade. This portable synthetic turf system that comes in easy to attach Velcro connected panels, includes a built-in shock pad and does not require any infill.

Nexxfield’s portable turf system is the perfect solution for arenas, indoor & outdoor facilities, fitness facilities, cross-fit gyms and any multipurpose space where you want to be able to accommodate field sports.


Unlike conventional synthetic turf systems which require infill, usually in the form of black crumb rubber granules, to provide the needed cushioning and stability for the synthetic grass blades, the XGen E2 System uses a secondary turf thatch layer in combination with the built-in Nexxpad shock pad to provide the same playing characteristics of a infilled synthetic turf without requiring any infill.

In addition, the XGen E2 System is completely portable. It comes in 4’ x 8’ modular panels which attach with easy-to-use overlapping Velcro connectors.

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Nexxfield Portable Turf Panel System
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