Rec-Turf PRO

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Rec-Turf Pro is the newest high-performance artificial turf system for professional soccer and football. Rec-Turf is the choice for stadiums and training grounds throughout the world.

A New Dimension In Elite Soccer Turf

A new dimension in elite soccer turf

Rec-Turf PRO is the newest high-performance artificial turf system for professional soccer and football used in stadiums and training grounds throughout the world. Rec-Turf PRO is in a league of its own when it comes to both playing qualities and wear resistance.

Improved wear resistance

The innovative new fiber technology developed used in Rec-Turf PRO features a remarkable 450 Micron monofilament thickness which ensures maximum protection against wear and will last longer than any other artificial turf product in the world. This thickness of fibers also ensures that the artificial grass blades remain upright and do not matte which results in consistently good playing qualities and improved abrasion protection for players.

Areas of Use

  • Stadiums
  • College & University facilities
  • Professional training venues
  • Professional & amateur Clubs

Production Specification

  • Monofilament turf fiber with 450 µm fiber thickness
  • Optimum thickness distribution in cross-section
  • Features turf cooling agent in fibers
  • Lisport testing >100,000 cycles without damage
  • Features 1″ Poly-Shock Pad underlayment

Playing Properties

  • Longest lasting natural playing qualities
  • Superior durability thanks to new fiber technology
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to Poly-Shock Pad
  • Improved fiber resilience due to 450 µm fiber thickness
  • Cooler surface temperature
  • Passes FIFA 2-Star Recommended Certification
  • Passes FIFA 1-Star Recommended Certification
  • Passes IRB Regulation 22 Certification

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