Rec-Turf REC

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Rec-Turf REC artificial turf is extremely hardwearing and durable – and yet unbelievably soft. This system combines the advantages of a curly monofilament design that greatly reduces the maintenance demands for the surface. It is an exceptional recreational turf product great for fields with high usage rates.

A New Dimension In Elite Turf

Soft grass, tough performance

Rec-Turf REC artificial turf is a very unique surface that is extremely durable – and unbelievably soft to the touch. Rec-Turf REC combines the advantages of crimped, 100% PE monofilaments fibers and the safety benefits of a Poly-Shock Pad underlayment.  The 200 µm thick monofilaments provide an outstanding level of wear resistance. In addition, the crimped fibers lock in infill which reduces particle migration and greatly reduces maintenance needed for the surface. Rec-Turf REC is a perfect for recreational and training fields at Colleges and Cities with very high field usage rates.

Combining the best of both worlds 

What is unique about LigaGrass is the monofilament fibers, or fake grass blades, undergo a unique texturizing process which creates a crimped shape. Because of the unique shape, these monofilaments have the effect of locking into one another and preventing infill from being lost or displaced, even during rigorous activity such as tackling and kicking. By trapping the infill material in place and preventing infill ‘fly-out’ player safety is not only enhanced but the maintenance demands of the surface are significantly reduced.

Areas of Use

  • College & University facilities
  • Training venues
  • Recreational Fields

Production Specification

  • Monofilament turf fibres
  • Exclusive  100% PE formulation
  • Exclusive  Crimped Fiber
  • Fiber thickness approx. 210 µm
  • Lisport testing >40,000 cycles without damage
  • Features 1″ mm Poly-Shock Pad underlayment

Playing Properties

  • Longest lasting natural playing qualities
  • Superior durability thanks to new fiber technology
  • Minimal maintenance due to crimped fiber and Poly-Shock Pad
  • Passes FIFA 1-Star Recommended Certification
  • Highly cost-effective surface for field operators
  • Minimal infill migration or ‘splash’

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